WHO: Kellyn Wilson, Skier, Dog Petter, Disco Dancer
FROM: Copper Mountain, CO & recently moved to Telluride, CO
SPORT: Skiing
FAV MOUNTAINS: Arapahoe Basin, Mt. Baker, Copper Mountain
SOCIAL: @kellynwilson @honeyhousebus


1.) Sunscreen chapstick- you always need it, or someone else always needs it. Either way, you’re the hero.

2.) Pancakes- Oh pocket pancakes? Yeah, just the best chairlift snack ever. My mom used to make a big batch of pancakes before skiing and put the leftovers in a little baggie that fits perfectly in a jacket pocket. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but a frozen solid clif bar is not the snack for skiing.

3.) Skittles- Ok, I know I was just bashing snacks that freeze but skittles do that in the best way. On a long ski tour when I’m starting to bonk, I like to have a little sugar up my sleeve (in my pocket.) They thaw in your mouth and return to their perfect skittley form. And it’s not a sport gel or goo which is self-induced torture and I’d like to be on the record that I’m against them.

4.) Sunglasses- My go to’s for skiing are the Zeal Optics Boone in black. The lens is nice and dark for sunny days, they’re made 100% from plants, (which is mind-blowing) and they’re super flexible and light so when you biff it they don’t snap in your pocket. 

5.) Headlamp- I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that having your headlamp with you in the backcountry is paramount, from a safety standpoint. I was caught without mine on a mellow day that turned into a rescue that took many hours into the night. I never ski without mine now. And I got rid of my “okay” lamp and went for one that’s bright enough to actually be of use in the dark when you need it.

6.) Camera- My ancient iPhone is garbage in the cold weather, but I’m constantly in beautiful places that need documenting, so I keep a little film point and shoot with me always. It’s the size of a disposable camera, the batteries last forever, and it won’t interfere with a beacon if you're out in the backcountry. Ideal.

7.) Bio Glitter- I have a tiny bottle of biodegradable glitter that I’ve started bringing on adventures with me, and the reasons for this are numerous. When you’re out in the sunshine and you slap some sparkles on, it’s proven to boost stoke by at least 40%. There’s nothing like looking over at your friends’ lovely faces and seeing the joy literally radiate out of them. It takes the seriousness right out of everyone and is a great reminder to have fun. It’s all just for fun after all, right?

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