Here at Matek, we’re incredibly well versed in the art of outdoor activities.

Hiking? Say no more. Speed walking? Where do we sign up. Winter sports? Our middle name. Skiing? Snowboarding? Ice climbing? Backpacking? Camping? Running? Kayaking? That’s a yes, yes, yes, and a—you get the point. 

It’s true that most outdoor activities come with their risks. And try as we might, we cannot guarantee it’ll all go swimmingly. But here’s what we can guarantee: designed-in-California Technical Performance Intimates. Never heard of them? That’s probably because we invented them. 

Suited to be worn all year 'round, our designs are an incredibly chic marriage of butter-soft technical materials and performance-enhancing fits that are as effective worn on their own as they are worn intimately, as base layers. Each of our designs is made with the utmost consideration for the environment and minimizing waste, and features high-functional fits and the sort of details that you may have never knew you needed, but now simply can't live without (butt flaps, we're looking at you). 

In short? We're your destination for pieces that feel as good as a second skin—and require no second thought. 

Get it? Got it? Good. (No, but seriously, if you have any questions please ask. It’s what we live for.)

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